The Floating Driftwood


There’s a brook by the side of the road. Sometimes, on the way home, I stop here.

It only takes a minute to get out of the car, you walk out, you tip toe across the little stones that extend and rise above the brook. It’s shallow here, maybe eight inches deep.

So I picked it, and select the large rocks, and I’m standing now in the middle.

The sound is beautiful.

As I look to my right, upstream, I see a driftwood. It’s floating down right now.

I wonder what’s going through that driftwood’s mind. Aimlessly, without a care in the world, just floating.

The current is taking it toward me.

And the rapids are very mild, moving at a pace you could walk easily.

But up ahead, the rapids pick up. And the driftwood now has passed me, and is picking up speed, and it’s moving into the white water rapids.

Its going through it now. What a ride. What a fun ride it would be to be sitting on that driftwood or being that driftwood, and experiencing the rapid moving you.

It’s now moved probably another 60 yards away from me, heading down the river. And the rapids are ending, and it’s getting to a calm area.

That driftwood is now in the calm area, it’s about to go around a bend, and out of my site. And I feel totally relaxed. For the last minute or two, I was that driftwood. I’m ready to go home.

Date Recorded: 
Friday, July 28, 2017
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Friday, July 28, 2017
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Monday, March 7, 2022
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