I just learned of an amazing story
Of a pet name Hachi who was an Akita that was from Japan
Now Hachi was rescued by a professor
They had a great relationship the two of them
Now every day when the professor would go off to work
He would take a train to get there
Haichi would go with him to the train station and the professor would get on the train
Than Hachi would go home and hear the whistle and wait for the train
And would go back to the station and would be there waiting for him when the professor
got back home from work and would jump on him when the professor got home
Lick him greet him so happy to see him
The vendors would watch and look shake their heads and laugh and say him how did you get him to do that
And they would wander back and do this day upon day
And one day when the professor got on the train to go to work
The professor did not get off the train
It was said that Hachi looked bewildered and was wondering where his owner was that he so loved
Unfortunately the professor had a cerebral hemorrhage at work
Died and never did return home
Well Hachi the faithful loyal dog that he was still went to the train station
every single day sitting there sitting there awaiting for his owner to get off the train and come back home
He actually wound up living on the streets and stayed in different locations and would still come day upon day, upon day.
He grew and people were talking about him people were helping and feeding him
to take care of him
One day a reporter did a story on him more research was done
And thru that story one of the professor students checked on him and go to know him
Thru all of there was national attention that grew about this
The beloved dog who was waiting for the owner to come back home
It is so symbolic of the loyalty and love that can be created thru man and his dog
It is just a wonderful teaching
Now there is this bronze statue
I haven’t seen it I have seen photos of it you can go to
Dog lovers once a year go over or all during the year go over and visit this statue
Which is symbolic of the love and loyalty this Akita showed its owner
And it is a wonderful, wonderful story
But it is true
It really tugged on my heart
I really wanted to share this
I wanted people to know about this wonderful animal
And how animals are such a gift in our life

statue Akita
Richard Gere
Hidesaburō Ueno
Shibuya train station
Imperial University
Temperament Docile, Dignified, Responsive, Independent, Alert, Friendly, Protective, Courageous

Cindy M. Miller
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Sunday, August 18, 2019
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Sunday, August 18, 2019
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Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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