Hot Dog!


I’m in Detroit
And I just want to talk about a synchronistic moment that I call
Whether it’s Coincidence
I think everything is so universally planned out for us at times
Before leaving to go to the famous Cooney Island hot dogs that are made in Dearborn
I was being a real tourist wanting to hit that spot
As I was getting dressed I did not want to wear white
Cause I thought I am going to have a messy chili dog
A Cooney Island chill dog, I am going to splatter that all over myself
So I wore a top that could conceal having food getting on you
As I was leaving from a house that I was staying at in Dearborn
I was going to take a drive to Detroit
I saw on the table the dvd The Son’s of Anarchy the show about the biker gang
I thought very interesting seeing that show on the table
As we are driving to get to this hot dog place on Lafayette
You definitely should check it out sometime if you are there
What do we go by the Detroit Highway Sons
All these bikers, motorcycles
They are all in front of this really cool building
It was a beautiful summer night, it was quiet
They were just assembled
You see all these magnificent bikes and bikers
Man that reminds me of the Son’s of Anarchy tape I just saw leaving the house
So we went into the restaurant to get these great Dearborn hot dogs we finished
We are leaving and I am walking around
And I see this young couple walking around
She is in a long wait gown
He is in a nice shirt
They are sitting at the bar stools getting ready to eat these messy dogs
Hey do you want me to snap a picture of you
Because I could see he wanted to take a photo
Oh that is so kind, yes please
You brave woman how did you wear white to eat these hot dogs tonight
I was thinking of wearing white but I just didn’t think I could do it
Oh we just got engaged and we had our engagement photos
Great time for pictures
I had to chuckle between the white dress and the motorcycles
Man is that divine timing or coincidence or what
I loves these divinely inspired moments
I just wanted to share that great experience
Make sure you have one of those Dearborn Hot dogs
They have a great snap when you bite into them

Dearborn Hot Dogs
American Coney Island
Cheese Fries

Cindy M. Miller
Date Recorded: 
Saturday, August 17, 2019
Date Posted: 
Saturday, August 17, 2019
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Wednesday, August 23, 2023
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