How to Deal with a Negative Person


How to deal with a negative person.

The best way to deal with a negative person is to stay away from them. They are toxic as they stand.

But you are probably listening to this because you cannot get away from this person – either they’re your boss or your relative.

Before you meet this person, prepare for the situation. I mean prepare energetically. Picture everything going remarkably well, surprisingly well. Hold the image for 20 seconds.

As much as possible, stand or sit at right angles to the person. You do not want your body to face them.

Imagine that Jesus, Buddha, or a pillar of light are standing next to you.

Breathe slowly, and imagine you are breathing calm on them.

Keep the visit brief.

Bring along a picture book – puppies, old cars, pictures of old movie stars, maybe pictures of a foreign land – something to move the focus to something positive.

I usually, repeat to myself, “Please help me see the good in this situation.”

With whatever they say, you can compare it to the long ago past, and show how it is now certainly much better today than it was then.

In my experience, if I keep on bringing up happy, uplifting things, or say that things are actually getting better, the negative person usually rather quickly goes away. I consciously do not want them to feed their negativity through me.

Eventually, they do not want to talk to me very much – and that’s fine with me.

It’s one thing to be compassionate about another’s circumstance, but each of us has a right to be happy ourselves, and the right to protect ourselves from other people’s drama.

Imagine Jesus, Buddha, or some other angelic presence is listening too – what would they do?

They’re closer than you think.

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Friday, October 20, 2017
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Friday, October 20, 2017
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