Manifesting little things... we are not bluffing!


Dedicated to Sandy
I wanted to talk just a moment about manifesting
The things in life that you can manifest
From big things to little things
To all kind of things
My friends and I are taking a group trip to Cape Cod in August
We are really looking forward it talking it up about things we can do
I mentioned I found the game Trivial Pursuit for Boomers
My friend sandy says
I love the game Balderdash
I’d like to play that as well when we are up at Cape Cod
Well that would be fun sounds like a great plan
Well we were out on a Sat a group of us getting together having a wonderful day
In Stratford, Ct
We had a few activities planned
Going to the beach
Go doing some shopping
One of our friends Theresa who loves to shop
Suggested we go to over to the GW in Bridgeport otherwise known as the Good will Store
And take a peak around
We said sure that sounds great since we were having
Such a fun time hanging out
And Sandy told me
As she walked into the store something said to her to go to the right
When she went to the right there she saw on the shelf
Low and behold was that game Balderdash
The game she had been looking to bring to the Cape on the trip in Aug
We said what about manifesting that is so cool
As she opened up the box and she looked in with one of our other friends

It looked like the game has never been played
Never been used WOW
In a consignment store
We found a brand new version of this game
So we are really looking forward to playing it
And just remembering that how it came to be thru the manifestation
Be careful what you think about because you just might get it
Be careful you are thinking good things and positive things
So you can bring lots of abundance and great things into
Your life
On your journey
And we will let you know how we wind up playing that game
Thanks for listening


Cindy M. Miller
Date Recorded: 
Tuesday, April 30, 2019
Date Posted: 
Monday, April 29, 2019
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Wednesday, April 27, 2022
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