My Cat


When my cat heard about the number of dogs featured on Heart Speak, he demanded equal time.
My cat, Ollie, is 19 years old. In cat years, that puts him well into contention with Warren Buffett. Ollie is at least as wise as Buffett, too.
My cat and I talk to each other a lot. Although I'm not very fluent in cat language, he seems to understand me very well. And I certainly understand him. Whenever he's feeling hungry or lonely, I know exactly what to do.
Cats don't care for each other very much, but they are very affectionate with humans. Whenever I sit down, anywhere in my house, I am sure to have a furry companion before very long. My cat likes to drape himself over me - the more physical contact, the better.
The cat has various favorite places that he frequents around the house (when I'm not available to sit on, that is). He rotates regularly between the comfy spots but I know where all of them are, so I never have any difficulty finding him when it's time for his medication.
Some people think that cats don't have personalities. They could not be more wrong. I used to have another cat, and the two of them were as different as chalk and cheese. Ollie was always the more calm, more affectionate one, so he has always been my favorite.
Dogs can live with you in your house, but it takes a cat to make a home.

Date Recorded: 
Friday, April 30, 2021
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Friday, April 30, 2021
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Monday, October 10, 2022
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