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Hi again it's Marilyn Fuller. We talked about the Circle of Life before – Primary Foods, and touched upon Secondary Foods, but today it’s about Secondary Foods, and yes, you can integrate Primary Foods into that.

It’s what you put in your mouth, but I'm not going to talk today about that so much as basic practices. Basic practices such as preparing food. How do you prepare food? – do you do it with a friend? If you can involve another person, it helps build relationships and you can have more fun, be more satisfied - you can talk about individual taste, foods, what works for you, what works for them.

Sit down, have a quiet environment or good communication - ask the spirit world to help you heal your body through foods. Put a candle on. Put some music on. Whatever works for you. It’ll work.

Think about how you eat your food - well - chew your food 25 times each time you put something in your mouth. I don’t think that really works for things like oatmeal but it does work with other foods. And try to separate your foods.

I'll tell you what: do this experiment. Take some crackers in one bowl, and some cran raisins, or raisins, in another bowl, so you have not-so-sweet versus sweet areas. Pick up a cracker, chew it 25 times, swallow, think about the taste. Now, after that's done, take your sweet food, chew it 25 times, swallow, think about the taste.

Next, combine a little bit of each, chew 25 times, think about your food, swallow. What did you get? I did that myself and I found a lot more sweetness when I chewed the cran raisins by themselves. It’s all about taste and being more satisfied.

Well, that’s it for today. You enjoy the day. I'll talk to you again.

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Monday, July 22, 2019
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Monday, July 22, 2019
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Monday, August 1, 2022
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I like your viewpoint. It felt joyful listening.
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