Vaporize Negative Thoughts


When something is bothering me, I mean really bothering me, I say, "Please bless my thoughts."

I stay with the intention for about 20 seconds, letting it do its miracle, seeing the thoughts become a misty fog - clearing, clearing, cleared. My mind feels absolutely clear, sort of illuminated, as if that is the way it was meant to be. It's like the thoughts were literally vaporized by the sheer and total benevolence of Spirit. If you don't like the word "bless", you can say, "Please harmonize my thoughts." It works just as well.

In any case, I am handing my troubling thoughts over to a higher power, and trusting it knows best what to do with them. It's like ultimate surrender, or ultimate openness if you prefer, to a deeper knowing.

If there is any residual, and there is usually not, you can say it again, "Please bless my thoughts." You are talking to your higher self, to your guides, to your guardian angel, to the Presence, to all of them, and they are all always listening.

I feel so much better after doing this, and I believe you will too. You might want to try this even when nothing is bothering you at all, and see how you feel. I feel more Divinely guided.

So, try it, "Please bless my thoughts."

Date Recorded: 
Thursday, April 6, 2017
Date Posted: 
Sunday, April 9, 2017
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Saturday, October 28, 2023
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