I Am Worth It

I am alive, here, right now.

I am worth it.

I breathe this delicious air. The air that Jesus breathed. The air that Buddha breathed. The air that makes fire.

I am worth it.

What surprise do you give me today? What’s for lunch? For dinner? Who will visit? On the phone. In my thoughts.

Will you give me the soothing pitter patter of rain? Or the sun which sends shadows everywhere? Or perhaps the gentle snow?

I am worth it.

So many inventions in my time that appear – for me – television, smartphones.

Confidence Regained

How do you regain your confidence when you feel it slipping away, right out the window?

There’s a woman who had lost her confidence in her early 20s. She felt inadequate, and she felt she was a failure. When she joined in in conversations, she felt that the words she had to contribute were not worth speaking at all, that she had nothing to say.

She was a married woman, and she gave birth to twins. At the same time she had the twins, her father also came down with dementia.

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