Done with This Thing

I must admit, I talk to my DNA.
We can change our DNA with our thoughts. Science has shown this.
It was once believed that our DNA was fixed at birth – period, unchangeable.
However, recently linguists have discovered that the “junk” part of our DNA, which comprises 90% of our DNA, is actually a language that programs the smaller 10% of our DNA. This smaller part codes the chemistry for our bodies – what was commonly thought of as normal DNA – the orders for building proteins.
It’s like one part programs the other part.

Our Cells Know When We Say Thank You

If the stars are out there in the daylight, and we don’t see them, what else don’t we see?

Perhaps we need the contrast, the foil, the opposite to see what is hidden.

It really is a gift to appreciate what we have, and not take it for granted. There is a saying, that some dream of what we see as everyday normal, common place. I’m not saying this is bad, or that we are decadent.

Rather, it’s the difference between seeing objects and seeing essence. Being thankful for a spoon is just as important as being thankful for a smartphone.

Worry - What Will It Get Me?

Worry. Why worry?

Someone shared something about that and said, “If you ever sit in a rocking chair, you just rock. It kind of takes you nowhere. You just rock - just rocking.”

And worry is the same kind of thing. It kind of takes you nowhere. It’s just leaving you in a state of fear, or panic. It’s just not positive energy, more of a negative energy.

So if you are going to feel anything, then think about anything leaning towards hope, and faith, and possibility. And that things will work out. And that all will be okay.

Invisible Helpers

What’s an invisible helper?

Some may call an invisible helper God.

Some may call an invisible helper an angel, a loved one who has passed over.

It really doesn’t matter.

It’s whether you think there is someone there to assist you.

I believe, I didn’t always, but I do believe now that there is a presence always there to help me.

So what I do in my life, is that I call upon that helper.

I think of that helper sitting beside me at work in a chair.

I think of that helper as someone with me in my car when I am driving somewhere.

Sometimes I Just Need A Break

I say to myself I need 5 minutes, I need a time out, I just gotta get away from all this stuff I’m doing.

So what do I do? Well what I do is I step outside.

I stepped out the other day. There was a patch of snow, covered the ground. Patches of grass broke out. The air was cool and cold. And as I breathed it in, it filled my lungs with this wonderful fillness of freshness and light itself. I looked up and the sky was crystal blue and clear.

A single hawk was soaring high. It just kept going higher and higher, and I watched him for a few minutes.

Healing Energy Meditation

I am healthy.
I am vibrant, youthful, balanced.

Thank you my body for allowing my expression on earth.
Thank you my ancestors for preparing a place for me.
Thank you earth for allowing life to form here.

I release all negative emotions preventing my well-being.
I release all negative beliefs preventing my well-being.
I am worthy to be happy.
I deserve to be happy.

My body is always listening to what I say, and what I think,
So I consciously do things that make me happy,
Even for a minute or two, here and there

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