Coincidences - do they happen?

Coincidence, synchronicity, what really the cause of that
The power of thought
The law of attraction
My friend Bruce and Richard were over my home today as we were working
on our project
Bruce was telling the story of a big tree
He thinks you should get the proper permission to take them down
How they should not be taken down
They have their rights to be on the planet
He was making a point for the environment and nature

I started to chuckle I said

Talking to Lightning

Like most people, I appreciate lightning staying away from where I am.

Notice this is different than saying that I don’t like lightning I am fine with it, as long as it stays away from me.

One day I was reading a book: The Diary of Saint Faustina. In the Catholic Church she is noted for The Chaplet of Divine Mercy which Jesus gave to her. Her diary has many conversations with Jesus that she transcribed. Pope John knew her, and of her, and made the Sunday after Easter, Divine Mercy Sunday.

Is anything really sold out?

I was going to a church service that had a singer
Who sang the bible
Who was suppose to be an amazing pastor
I really want to go to it
I found out about in on Facebook of all places
The concert event was totally sold out
I just sensed I need to be there I should be there
I took the drive it was in Waterbury Ct
It was this really cool church that was
In the middle of a neighborhood
There were cars parked all over the place it was jamming
I walked in and was greeted and said I know the concert was sold out



What does abundance mean for you in your life?
Money, health, material stuff, people.
What is it you are looking to have in your life?

Think of a magnet which has an invisible field,
Which either attracts or repels materials.

If you think of your self as a magnet
To things that you are seeking to have in your life,
Your perception of how you attract or repel things,
Is part of how this magnet works.

Right Livelihood

Thank you for allowing me meaningful work.

Work I believe in, work I am interested in.

Work that is like play for me.

I appreciate my current job, my current situation.

Let me see it in a different way.

Please bless my frustration. Show me how to relax.

I know you hear my longing for better work,

More suited to my temperament, my gifts, my interests.

I feel good about this, knowing you are arranging my right livelihood.

Beyond my awareness, people and events are happening,

Invisible Helpers

What’s an invisible helper?

Some may call an invisible helper God.

Some may call an invisible helper an angel, a loved one who has passed over.

It really doesn’t matter.

It’s whether you think there is someone there to assist you.

I believe, I didn’t always, but I do believe now that there is a presence always there to help me.

So what I do in my life, is that I call upon that helper.

I think of that helper sitting beside me at work in a chair.

I think of that helper as someone with me in my car when I am driving somewhere.

I'm Always Receiving

I was thinking in my life I wasn’t receiving things.

And I felt stuck.

And one day, a good friend of mine called me on the phone, and as we were talking, she said, “You’re not stuck. Try this. It worked for me, and I think it will work for you too. Try saying, ‘I am always receiving.’” I thought about it, and said, “What the heck, I’ll try it and see if it works.”

So the very next day when I woke up, the very first thing I said was, “I’m always receiving.”

Opening A Pathway of Peace

Whenever I am in the car, and about to enter a busy place,
I always say, "Thank you for allowing peace in the traffic."
Feel it, even a little.

Almost every single time, and I mean 100's upon 100's,
there is a gap in the traffic when I get there.
I usually see a large block of cars that have just gone by,
and another block approaching in the distance, but for me,
there is clearly a nice, wide open space, right at that moment.
I believe that everyone involved has either slowed down or
sped up, to open the gap just for me.

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