Council of Elders

How do you make decision?

Do you gather information? Do you research? Do you educate yourself? Do you read all the best information? Put the best information at your fingertips? Do you call friends? Experts in the field? So that before you make the decision, you have all the right information?

Then when you have that, what’s your next step?

I learned from a very successful man, success as being defined as a person thousands of people would listen to, how he did it.

And he called it, "The council of elders."

Right Livelihood

Thank you for allowing me meaningful work.

Work I believe in, work I am interested in.

Work that is like play for me.

I appreciate my current job, my current situation.

Let me see it in a different way.

Please bless my frustration. Show me how to relax.

I know you hear my longing for better work,

More suited to my temperament, my gifts, my interests.

I feel good about this, knowing you are arranging my right livelihood.

Beyond my awareness, people and events are happening,

Peace on Earth

Artwork by Bruce Zboray    www.bruce-zboray.artistwebsites.com

I am peace on earth.

It's amazing how easily peace spreads.
My thoughts declare a peaceful world.
All read my thoughts even if they don't realize it.
All decisions are better because I send illumination.

Today is a very good day.
The past is passed.
A new breath now.
A dove visits each person today, perhaps unseen.
I feel the peace growing.

I'm Always Receiving

I was thinking in my life I wasn’t receiving things.

And I felt stuck.

And one day, a good friend of mine called me on the phone, and as we were talking, she said, “You’re not stuck. Try this. It worked for me, and I think it will work for you too. Try saying, ‘I am always receiving.’” I thought about it, and said, “What the heck, I’ll try it and see if it works.”

So the very next day when I woke up, the very first thing I said was, “I’m always receiving.”

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