The Passage of Time

The seconds tick away as the hours turn into days, months then years.
Has all the time passed you by without the appreciation of the many moments you have be given?
Can more take place in a 5 minute encounter than living a 100 years?
You determine the affect things have on you.

You have been given the gift of your life and time.
You are never guaranteed another day.
There is something to always fill your time with:
Sleep, fun, work, exercise, hobbies, healing - the list goes on.

Intelligence is Living in the Present

Intelligence is the capacity to be in the present moment. The more you live in the past or the future, the less intelligent you are.

You ever notice when you’re talking to someone, and they’re not really paying attention, and you ask them what they’re thinking, they’re probably thinking about something they’re going to do tomorrow, or something they did yesterday. But they’re not in the moment, and they’re not really paying
attention to you.

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