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All the foods that we are close to, both drink and hard food, vegetables, fruit, etc., how do you know if they are good for your body?

There is an easy way of finding this out. The autonomic nervous system, which lies down the center of your body in the front of you, all the way down to your belly button, can identify, if you hold the product in front of you under, your chin, dead center in your body.

If it is good for you, you will tilt forward.

If it’s not good for you, you will tilt backward.

So, for example, I was going to buy a piece of papaya. It looked fresh and healthy. And I decided just hold it in front of me, just under my chin, upper part of my chest, dead center. And I held it there. And what happens is that my body started to tilt backwards.

Why would that happen? Well, most of these foods come from South America, and maybe they put too much pesticide on it. Maybe it’s bio-engineered. For whatever reason, the body can detect it.

So, you can take any food: fruit vegetables, meats, drinks. Hold it there in front of you, and the body will immediately pick it up.

Try a lemon versus an organic one, or try a banana. My wife said to me, “Buy some bananas.” So I had a choice between organic or regular non-organic. With the organic ones, I tilted forward. With the non-organic, I tilted backwards. Why is that? Maybe they spray them. Who knows? They come from another country and maybe they don’t have the same checkpoints as we do.

Date Recorded: 
Wednesday, April 18, 2018
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Thursday, April 19, 2018
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