One of my greatest teacher's my dog


You know who often teaches me
How to live life
Is my dog Missy
My shi tzu
I have to tell you
She really shows me how to embrace the day so often
When I get up no matter what time
What the weather is, whatever the conditions are
She just jumps up and is ready to the greet the day
She eyes me as I move around my home
She looks at what I do
And if she sees me put on my shoes and socks
Immediately she is ready to go
She has no clue where I am going
It could be somewhere not even fun that I am going
She wants to go
Just be part of the activity
That is going to happen each day
She wags her tail
She rubs against my leg
She just makes it so obvious
Take me, take me, don’t forget to take me
I try to take to as many places as I can
Where I can bring a dog
Where it is ok that I can bring her
I love bringing her
Often when I can’t bring her
I feel a little bad you can just see the disappointed look in her big eyes
Her eyes give so much expression
Her eyes just radiate such a feeling of love
Just being inquisitive
Communicating with you
It just makes me really realize
She is always ready to go
She can be in a sound sleep
If she hears move to open that door woops
She wakes up like she had cold water poured over her head
And is ready to roll into action
Maybe that is what we should be more ready to roll into action
To greet each day with as much enthusiasm
Just get out there
And get into the flow of life
Feel really good about it
Such a great teaching
I think dogs are such great teachers
Thank you Missy for teaching me
May I always the enthusiasm
That you have when you wag your tail
As I go out there and way my butt in life

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Cindy M. Miller
Date Recorded: 
Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Date Posted: 
Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Monday, February 5, 2024
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