Addendum For When Johnny Comes Marching Home


While this song about the futility of war, was originally a Scottish dirge, I’ve adapted its melody with new words which are my opinion and expression of the futility of war
after my time and experience serving on 2 aircraft carriers, flying combat missions in Vietnam. I wasn’t the flyer, but I was part of the squadron.
One other point: the words “haru, haru,” which appear many times in the song are the Scottish equivalent of us saying “harah, harah” which the Irish version uses. And away we go.

The GPS Song

Introduction by Phil

I fell in love with what a GPS could do, the first time I saw an article about one in Popular Science. This song celebrates whoever invented them.

   The actual song itself is available only in spoken form, as requested by Philip.

A Married State of Mind

   The actual song itself is available only in spoken form, as requested by Philip.

Response by John:

The last GEM you listened by Phil was entitled, A Married State of Mind.

I love the opera, a musical called Les Meserable.

In Les Meserable, there is a love story between Marius and Quisette.

And the song, these lyrics, while falling in love, says “I am lost’ and she says, “I am found.”

And that reminds me of the love between a man and a woman.

Memories of Living

Introduction by Philip:

We all have a box or a bag of trinkets, pictures and memories of our lives somewhere.
This song celebrates how precious these memories are.

   The actual song itself is available only in spoken form, as requested by Philip.

Finding De-Light - What Truly Is Ageism?

She stared at me with her oh so serious and piercing eyes, chin resting on her hand, and said in a most sincere voice: “I love talking to old people.”

There she was, one of a gaggle of elementary school girls at the first meeting of our new workshop, and these were the first words I heard out of her mouth.

Well, I responded, "I love talking to young people, so we’re going to have a great time together – sharing and learning from each other."

How Now Peace - Opening a Door for the Oppressed

Suppose our thoughts can help make peace on earth, in your lifetime, starting right now – the end of violence – the end of the barbaric age.

Consider the people being oppressed.

I picture them wandering now in a grove of trees, tall and pungent, with the ground moist and soft. I picture them happily stepping on stones to cross a brook, trickling, soothing.

I picture them walking thru an open meadow of tall grasses with a sun umbrella, sparrows appearing and disappearing.

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