God loves all of His animal creations

This is the story of how I learned about Dr. Albert Schweitzer, who had a jungle hospital in Equatorial Africa. The reverence for life for all animals, he created this idea when he was in Africa in 1913, when he first went to the hospital in the jungle.

The reverence for life came to me when my mother passed away. I was stationed in Germany. I came home to New York, and my father said, “I want you to meet this woman”. She was a Jewish refugee from Vienna. She won the 1958 Oscar for a documentary on Albert Schweitzer, who I’d heard of.

Pedro Lives On

Pedro was a 97 year old man from Cuba who was always at the Senior Center where my wife goes.

She really liked him and would often talk with him.

He was funny, upbeat, and filled with life, dancing even into his late 90’s.

He died. That day our grandfather clock stopped. The grandfather clock had been running continuously for over a year. A few days later, when I opened it to see what had happened, I saw the chime mechanism was incredibly stuck. I needed a force of about 5 pounds to unstick it. This had never happened before.

Losing a Loved One

Someone came to me the other day
About losing a loved one
I have sat with a lot of people who have lost loved ones
Dying is a part of life
We just can’t control it is something that happens to all of us
There is no escape
Our exiting is going to be when we pass
When someone passes often we get stuck and we can be very immobilize because
we are just so torn up inside with grief hurt and anger
Thinking God doesn’t exist
Where are they
How do we function and go on
And the thing about it is

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