Chatting with El Part 1 - A Revelation


The other day (actually several years ago when I wrote the story I’m now telling you) a good friend sent me a video about an autistic boy. You know the plot: A person overcomes a handicap to accomplish something amazing, their achievement is celebrated and emotionally shared by lots of people, and the viewer sheds a lot of happy tears.

This was one of several videos in the same genre I’ve seen recently, and it’s gotten me thinking about the entire issue of disability and how it relates to those of us who find ourselves in the fortunate position of being able-bodied and fairly healthy. What I realized shocked me at first, and then unfolded into a revelation that has since become one of the major spiritual themes in my current life. I now pass it on to you in the hopes that it may assist you in your own spiritual evolution.

First I’ll share the part that shocked me – I found myself envying the handicapped subjects of the videos – their perseverance, their certainty of their path, the mastery they achieved, and the bond they formed with those who witnessed the results. I asked myself why can’t I do those things? And would it be easier if I had a tangible handicap to overcome?

Of course I immediately tried to cancel this question (since thoughts create, and what could be created here feels a little scary), but it was too late, and anyway, I assured myself, I know better than to resist the flow of a thought that is about to uncover a major piece of my hidden self (often referred to as the shadow). I encouraged myself to welcome it, since I have come to love my shadow as much as my light, as they are just two sides of the same coin of my spiritual Self.

So the question remained, and the answer that immediately came from my Higher Self (for the sake of brevity I’ll just call her El) was that I DO have a handicap, and I have yet to overcome it.

As I asked El to go on, I heard that EVERYONE comes into this life with a lack or disability, that the physical ones are only a small portion of the spectrum, and that we CHOOSE to take them on for a common purpose. Once that purpose is achieved, the disability becomes irrelevant to our lives, but that in order to compel us to achieve the purpose, the specific disability must be something particularly difficult for the individual ego to bear.

If you wish, continue to Part 2.

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Friday, October 18, 2019
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Friday, October 18, 2019
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