I Am Everywhere


Imagine that you are a little bit bigger than your body.
Realize that your skin doesn’t really hold you in.
It only seems like it does.

You’ve expanded a foot in all directions around your body.
You feel good. Really good.

Now, expand to fill the room.
You pass through the chairs, tables, plants, easily.
Sense yourself everywhere in the room at once.
It feels amazingly natural, doesn’t it?
Everywhere you look in the room, you are there too.

Now, become a little bigger, and fill your house with you.
Notice you can feel that you are everywhere in your house all at once.
Powerful, isn’t it?

Now, expand to fill your yard. You pass through the trees, driveway, and mailbox.
See, the house was an imaginary skin too.

Now, expand to fill your neighborhood.
You pass through living rooms.
You move through a child playing with a toy.
She looks up, and smiles.

You are growing now to fill your town.
It happens quick and effortlessly, like you’ve done this before.
A person walking on the street smiles.

Now, expand to fill everywhere in your state.
Feel yourself in many towns at once.
Linger there a moment.

Now, expand to fill your country.
Maybe this is the first time you’ve visited some of these places.
You’re doing very well.
See, you can hold it all in your awareness at once.

Now, expand to fill everywhere on earth. The entire surface of earth: Paris, London, Shanghai - even into the depths of the oceans, passing through all the sea-life.

Now, expand to our solar system: the planets, the moons, the empty space.

Now, expand to our galaxy, the Milky Way, a flat spiral of millions of stars.

Now, expand to fill all galaxies in the universe.
You do this instantly.

Now, you fill other universes – all of them.
You are in this moment everywhere.

Now, expand into all the past – touch it all: the great inventions, the great ideas, the creation of life on earth and everywhere.

Now, expand into the future – the greatness of things to come.
And you are there too.

When you are ready, your focus will automatically return to your body, you’ll feel refreshed and relaxed – perfectly well.
But you’re really everywhere always.

Date Recorded: 
Friday, August 18, 2017
Date Posted: 
Friday, August 18, 2017
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Friday, September 15, 2023
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