I Talk to Plants


I talk to plants. I mean, I don’t do this every day, but I have talked with some plants. I read how to do this in a book, The Secret Teachings of Plants, and I decided to try it myself.

I move my awareness to the middle of my chest. It’s usually in the middle of my head. I see it like a ball of white light moving from my head to my heart. I close my eyes, and tell the plant, “I want to speak with you and learn from you.” It also helps if I imagine myself filling the plant – into its leaves, into its branches, into its trunk, into its roots.

I do it all instantly. It has to be quick. None of this “where do I start?” I believe this is a natural and ancient way of talking with plants.
Then I wait 20 seconds for any kind of sensation: a word, a feeling, a picture, a sound.

I did this with a large boxwood bush and immediately felt an overwhelming sadness – interesting! It needed my appreciation.

Another time I walked past a large circle of violets growing randomly in our yard. I could feel the most exuberant joy coming from them. They were almost speaking out loud, and I might have seen a few sparkles of light. They were so happy. I was truly moved. So now, when I mow the lawn, I always leave a circle where they live.

The book where I learned this, recommends assuring the plant that you really want to communicate for the good of both of you, because at first, the plant will be suspicious. So I tell the plant that “I really want to learn from you. Please share your wisdom.”

I do believe plants have wisdom. I believe they really are conscious.

When my son went on his first trip to Europe with a few friends, I was very anxious. I quieted my emotional concerns by taking a few drops each day of a certain flower essence called Red Chestnut. This is a Bach Flower Therapy. I did feel better. It’s one of 38 flower essences that Dr Bach discovered, which he believed could remedy all kinds of emotional problems. I really felt better after taking this for a week. Then, a week later, out of the blue,

I felt an extreme euphoria of well-being for a few minutes. I know it helped me.

I enjoy speaking with the plants. Perhaps you would like to open up to the plants being conscious, too, and speak with them.

It may surprise you what you hear.

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Friday, August 18, 2017
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Friday, August 18, 2017
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