Primary Foods

Hi, it’s Marilyn Fuller again: health coach, nurse, nutritionist.

I talked to you last time about the Circle of Life: primary foods, secondary foods. Primary foods being Relationships, Regular Activity, Fulfilling Career and Economics, and Spiritual Practice. Once you are satisfied and balanced in those areas, you’ll be happier and more fulfilled. You’ll be satisfied with life!

Then you can go on to what you're putting in your mouth, which is secondary Foods.

The Power of the Group To Cure

On my walk, I met a neighbor who told me this story. He had an ulcer, and so his stomach had been hurting him. Some of his friends convinced him to go on a men’s retreat with his church.

He reluctantly went, even more reluctantly because they were serving pizza, which would not agree with his stomach. Near the end of the retreat, he was surprised because the leader said, “Let’s pray for Donald.” So everyone laid their hands on Donald and prayed for him.

Afterwards, there was no longer a burning in his stomach. He was completely cured during those few minutes that day.

Pedro Lives On

Pedro was a 97 year old man from Cuba who was always at the Senior Center where my wife goes.

She really liked him and would often talk with him.

He was funny, upbeat, and filled with life, dancing even into his late 90’s.

He died. That day our grandfather clock stopped. The grandfather clock had been running continuously for over a year. A few days later, when I opened it to see what had happened, I saw the chime mechanism was incredibly stuck. I needed a force of about 5 pounds to unstick it. This had never happened before.


I’d like to talk about a subject that many patients are bothered by, and that is anxiety, either at work, with family, relationships, friends, whatever.

There’s a point on your ear, on the topmost of your ear, there’s a “v”. That is your anxiety point. If you take your left hand and put it on your ear point, that is where this point is.


To heal, you have to forgive.

If you’re bound with old thoughts about people who you haven’t let go because they have hurt you, you will have difficulty healing. Body parts, all functions well. Pain seems to hang on. And you ask the patient, “Have they forgiven everything?” And they will say, “Yes, except.” And they will recall the exact incident, sometimes many years ago, where they have been hurt.

So once they deal with the situation, then they can start to function again on a normal basis. But they must let this go.

Great Questions to Ask Your Higher Self

Once I began talking to my higher self, there were so many great questions to ask.

I use 2 approaches.

The first is that I wait 5 seconds for a thought to appear.

The second is that I use muscle testing, also known as talking to the smart body. You can find hundreds of videos on youtube describing how to do this – there are many ways. The easiest is the sway test: stand, ask a yes/no question, and see if you sway forward for yes, or backward for no.

Here are a few of the many questions I ask my higher self.

What Percent of My Thoughts Are Positive?

It may seem a tricky or even daunting thing to calculate, what percent of my thoughts are positive, but for me, it is really quite simple.

The easiest way, is that I ask myself the question, and expect and wait for an answer,

The answer comes as a thought that appears, rather than figured out – I don’t make the thought, but rather it appears. And it happens very quickly, within 5 seconds.

I mentioned this once to someone, and he said that he’d never think of talking to his own mind.

I Feel Younger

I feel younger.
I am ageless.
How delicious.
I feel how it feels to be ageless.

I am lifted out of time.
I erase my age.
I look better and better each day.
I feel better and better each day.

The power that created this body can hold this body ageless,
Can repair this body,
Can rejuvenate this body.
A quiet presence sweeps away the dust.

Angels breathe upon me.
I remember the childlike wonder of new discovery,
Realizing I actually can be ageless.

How to Deal with a Negative Person

How to deal with a negative person.

The best way to deal with a negative person is to stay away from them. They are toxic as they stand.

But you are probably listening to this because you cannot get away from this person – either they’re your boss or your relative.

Before you meet this person, prepare for the situation. I mean prepare energetically. Picture everything going remarkably well, surprisingly well. Hold the image for 20 seconds.

As much as possible, stand or sit at right angles to the person. You do not want your body to face them.

Stuck - Now Free

Do you feel stuck?

Stuck in a job?
Stuck in a health problem?
Stuck seeing less, or at least not seeing more?

Whatever it is, think of it, feel it.
And now let it go.

I thank you for showing me what “stuck” energy is like.
I choose to release stuck energy now.

I picture intense white light surrounding me,
Illuminating every particle of my being, every thought.

My cells are lit, from the inside.
My blood is lit, from the inside.
My brain and heart are lit, from the inside.

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