From Bane to Blessing or the Jewel in the Crown


Let’s play a game.

Imagine that you had no enemies.

No, I don’t mean you should imagine that all the things you think are your enemies died or went away. What I mean instead is to imagine that all those things you think of as your enemies were actually your friends. A friend is someone or something that serves your highest good, that helps you learn and grow, that reflects back to you who you really are and that at the very least doesn’t get in your way as you travel through life.

So take a breath (or two or three) and allow yourself to imagine that. As you do, include all the people and organizations you have thought of as your enemies, all the circumstances that you have believed made life harder for you, and all the germs, viruses and other microbes that you have blamed for making you sick, including the alleged coronavirus.

Are you starting to feel better? If you really allowed yourself to imagine that I’m sure you are.

But here’s the really good news. It’s not just your imagination; it’s the truth. There is nothing in the entire world that can harm you. Let me repeat that. There is nothing in the entire world that can harm you. Nothing outside you, inside you or in between. Everything that happens to you is due to your own choice regarding what experiences you wish to have and to what end.

To help you with this idea, consider a garden. The plants for which the garden was planted do not consider the weeds (those unintentional visitors) their enemies. In fact, the weeds help them get stronger. They show up because of conditions in the environment that call them forth to help balance it out. And all the plants benefit.

You are just like that garden - mentally, spiritually and physically. You call forth the experiences and the players in them to help you expand in your self-knowing and to learn and grow in all the ways you intended (or stumbled onto) when you came to Earth.

And here’s another thing to consider - you are an infinite, eternal being, which means that no finite experience and nothing transitory could ever, by definition, harm you or any other human.

The conclusion that follows from understanding this is that there is nothing to heal. There is only something - in fact everything, starting with yourself - to accept, to appreciate, and to love. In fact, all is love and there is nothing else.

    written and spoken by Ellen Kratka, who offers immediate life improvement through self-acceptance and whose website is

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Thursday, May 14, 2020
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Thursday, May 14, 2020
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Very beautiful way of seeing the silver lining in every cloud, and tuning ourselves from anxiety to thankfulness, via a change in perspective.
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