Personal Story

Looking Deeper

When our children were young, and we would go to a restaurant, we’d make pepper drawings while waiting for our food.

We would turn over the paper placemat, revealing a nice white piece of paper, and shake some pepper randomly on the paper. Then we would take turns connecting the dots.

It’s like the pepper held the essence of a picture that we slowly revealed to ourselves. They really enjoyed this, and so did I.

There’s just enough structure to prod you on, but ultimately, it is your own imagination that creates the picture. It’s really fun to see what emerges.

Finding Fairy Wings

My daughter came running in the house, saying that she found fairy wings. She really wanted us to see, too.

Yes, there were 2 identical wings, silver, white, delicate – about the size of a young child’s finger. These wings could easily belong to a fairy.

I want to believe in fairy wings, and dogs that talk with their eyes – that there is a layer of enchantment cast everywhere, waiting to be discovered.


One day I was working on my mother’s finances with a calculator, with lots of detailed questions. I was thinking, “Why me? Why do I have to do this?” I took a deep breath, sighed, and just happened to look at the calculator.

There were the numbers 4444. I know I didn’t put that there. Any calculation like that, I would have remembered.

So, I googled what 4444 meant. It means, “The angels are with you.” Hmmm. Really interesting.

So, I started learning a little more about numerology, because it was being waved blatantly right in front of me.

Drawn to Drawing

I love to draw. And I love to paint even a little more.

There’s something so amazing about becoming immersed in an imaginary world – to create something inspired out of thin air.

Well, it’s really not something out of thin air in my experience, but rather playing with someone or something larger than me. You could call it higher self, God, or the Muse, but there is something there that I am working with -- no, playing with.

Someone once said that half of creating is just showing up. Every Sunday afternoon I either draw or paint. I show up.

Talking to Lightning

Like most people, I appreciate lightning staying away from where I am.

Notice this is different than saying that I don’t like lightning I am fine with it, as long as it stays away from me.

One day I was reading a book: The Diary of Saint Faustina. In the Catholic Church she is noted for The Chaplet of Divine Mercy which Jesus gave to her. Her diary has many conversations with Jesus that she transcribed. Pope John knew her, and of her, and made the Sunday after Easter, Divine Mercy Sunday.

A Sense of Certainty

We were at a mall of factory outlet stores the other day. It was a sunny, early autumn-feeling kind of day. Many street vendors with small carts were there for the Labor Day weekend sales.

We came by one vendor selling singing bowls.

I was certain I was going to buy one of those bowls. There had been other times when we saw singing bowls. But the certainty was absolute that I was going home that day with one of those bowls.

In fact, one stood out immediately, a small golden one, like it was calling to me. I started playing it, and liked what I heard and what I felt.

How to Deal with a Negative Person

How to deal with a negative person.

The best way to deal with a negative person is to stay away from them. They are toxic as they stand.

But you are probably listening to this because you cannot get away from this person – either they’re your boss or your relative.

Before you meet this person, prepare for the situation. I mean prepare energetically. Picture everything going remarkably well, surprisingly well. Hold the image for 20 seconds.

As much as possible, stand or sit at right angles to the person. You do not want your body to face them.

A Timeless Time

Artwork by Bruce Zboray

My grandmother on my father’s side lived with us. Well, it was really her house, so I guess we lived with her. She came from Hungary when my aunt and uncle were very young. She spoke only Hungarian.

Every Sunday she would put on a small, flat brimmed hat, a black floral dress, and walk two miles, to the Russian Orthodox Church, which had seven spires shaped like candles. It looked right out of Russia.

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