Personal Story

The Evening Flutter

You’re sitting in a comfortable chair, around eight P.M., and the sun is gently lowered behind a tall oak tree.

A basket of red flowered petunias grows out of an orange ceramic pot. It’s very quiet.

You have a few birds chatting high up in the apple tree to your right, and two sparrows are hopping along the grass, searching for that last evening snack.

Out of nowhere, you hear a distant rumble. It’s very faint, very subtle. Barely audible. Barely distinguishable.

Fountain of Youth

As we age, we all begin to show it. But there is a sample in the population that seem to defy aging. At least a little.

This group, they stay younger longer. They stay more active longer. Their bodies are capable of movement longer. Their minds seem to be more interested in new activities longer. And their spirit definitely seems younger longer. In fact, all the senses stay more vital, their eyes, their taste, their ears, their torso, their mind, and their spirit.

All six are revitalized, so what is this activity? What is this fountain of youth?



What does abundance mean for you in your life?
Money, health, material stuff, people.
What is it you are looking to have in your life?

Think of a magnet which has an invisible field,
Which either attracts or repels materials.

If you think of your self as a magnet
To things that you are seeking to have in your life,
Your perception of how you attract or repel things,
Is part of how this magnet works.


I love to sing
How healing
How fun
How silly
I feel great , challenged, healthy from the art of sounds I am trying to make
Giggling, understanding, figuring out all the things that go into this
Mainly it is the pure joy of doing something that lights go for it
Don’t let others stop you
I was once told not to sing
Had I listened I would never have learned to sing
I instinctively knew I enjoyed doing it
You may also know what you may love to do
You may get talked out of doing it by yourself.

The Passage of Time

The seconds tick away as the hours turn into days, months then years.
Has all the time passed you by without the appreciation of the many moments you have be given?
Can more take place in a 5 minute encounter than living a 100 years?
You determine the affect things have on you.

You have been given the gift of your life and time.
You are never guaranteed another day.
There is something to always fill your time with:
Sleep, fun, work, exercise, hobbies, healing - the list goes on.


Have you ever needed to be still?
Not to be disturbed but be left all alone?
Some people are afraid to be alone.
They fear the quiet, that space.

Other’s revel in it.
In that quiet contemplative space much may occur.
Or nothing feels like it is happening.
It may be just dead silence.

What is good is to realize often when we would like to be still,
We just avoid it
Or when we are forced to be still, for example, like an illness,
We appreciate what we had.

Losing a Loved One

Someone came to me the other day
About losing a loved one
I have sat with a lot of people who have lost loved ones
Dying is a part of life
We just can’t control it is something that happens to all of us
There is no escape
Our exiting is going to be when we pass
When someone passes often we get stuck and we can be very immobilize because
we are just so torn up inside with grief hurt and anger
Thinking God doesn’t exist
Where are they
How do we function and go on
And the thing about it is

Lightning in a Bottle

It’s a hot, sultry evening. The sun’s warm rays, basking the earth all day, has left a comfortable blanket covering the front lawn.

The moon is new, and the darkness that swept in with the outgoing sun provides a perfect background for a laser light show.

How peaceful and utterly void of light is your yard. It’s dark, and you’re enjoying the tranquility that accompanies absolute stillness.

What’s that? Hey what was that?

Out of the corner of your eye, you think you saw a flash of light.

There it is again!

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