Personal Story

Sniffing Spices

When my children were very young, we would play a game. They would smell spices, herbs, and other flavorings. The idea was not necessarily to know their names, but rather to become familiar with them directly, meeting them, letting them talk to the children.

Remarkably, many years later, I learned that this is how indigenous people would learn about healing plants – by meeting them and learning from them, rather than human experts.

The children really had definite opinions about each flavoring.

Can You See Yourself Invisible?

I sometimes see myself as invisible – pure consciousness. I like how this feels: liberating, free, as if I’m the wind.

It’s so much easier to feel connected, when there’s no body to have to connect to. The body I see suddenly is just a vehicle, going on by itself, a made-up projection of my thoughts. I set this viewpoint in my mind.

Where I am is more open, since there’s no skin and bones to show where I end, or think I end.

I don’t have to project an image wherever I go, or talk. I’m just sort of the watcher, the observer. I like this feeling.

A Glittery World

Inspired by visiting Tickled Pink in Seymour CT ( .

In the local valley, with a backdrop of towering mountains and clear lakes, there is a small boutique nestled among rows of antique dealers. To me, this is more than a store. When one steps inside it, it is like being transported to a place of wonder and beauty.

Tickled Pink offers a magical, ambient setting that truly makes one forget daily concerns. It is like its own world, an enchanting, compelling, truly breathtaking realm.

King of the Hay

Everyone has certain special things that make them smile. For me, one of those things is being around goats.

I remember one of the times my parents and I went to a local farm that we visit frequently. That particular day there were 2 baby goats, so small they could barely walk, their little legs wobbly, and their tiny voices high-pitched. One baby goat was shy, afraid, seeking shelter near his mother. But the other baby goat wanted to experience everything the world had to offer.

Great Questions to Ask Your Higher Self

Once I began talking to my higher self, there were so many great questions to ask.

I use 2 approaches.

The first is that I wait 5 seconds for a thought to appear.

The second is that I use muscle testing, also known as talking to the smart body. You can find hundreds of videos on youtube describing how to do this – there are many ways. The easiest is the sway test: stand, ask a yes/no question, and see if you sway forward for yes, or backward for no.

Here are a few of the many questions I ask my higher self.

What Percent of My Thoughts Are Positive?

It may seem a tricky or even daunting thing to calculate, what percent of my thoughts are positive, but for me, it is really quite simple.

The easiest way, is that I ask myself the question, and expect and wait for an answer,

The answer comes as a thought that appears, rather than figured out – I don’t make the thought, but rather it appears. And it happens very quickly, within 5 seconds.

I mentioned this once to someone, and he said that he’d never think of talking to his own mind.


I close my eyes and open my mind to a scene.

It is simple. The same person always appears. The person is near a tree. The person is dressed in a robe, standing. It could be Jesus, Buddha, or some master. But I like to think of the person as my higher self, the part of me that is still on the other side, and has access to great wisdom.

I’ll call the person “the master.”

I don’t speak. The master doesn’t speak. Yet I know the master knows what I need, and always gives me what I need. Something really happens. It isn’t pretend. It only takes 20 seconds.

Use It the Best Way you Can

Artwork by Bruce Zboray

When I hear of people in need, whether family, friends, or someplace in the world, I imagine holding my hands open, palms facing away, with light, illumination pouring out.

Every cell of my body is generating this light, from within my trillions of molecules of DNA.

I offer illumination energy to whoever, whatever, wherever needs to use it in any way they want.

Trickling Fountain

I love to hear the sound of trickling water.

I go to garden shops and stand in front of trickling fountains.

At the Beardsley Zoo, the greenhouse has Koi fish in a pond with trickling water.

We’d go to Saint Margaret’s Shrine. I was always drawn to the statues, and in particular to a large three tiered fountain with trickling water.

At our nearby park there is a small stream that cascades sparkling water over a small waterfall to a pond.

Fresh Apples

Once a year in the fall, my uncle would drive us to a place filled with all kinds of fresh apples. They were in hundreds of tall, round baskets. The place was called Aspetuck. It was an old farm stand, a large wooden room, like a barn, filled with apples everywhere.

The aroma of the apples was overwhelming, like a perfume made from all the different kinds of apples. We’d bring the aroma home with us. And they were beautiful to look at, too. The yellow leaves had fallen, and were falling, all around us. This is pure New England fall.

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