Personal Story

Making Errands Fun

Listen to the wind
I am up here in Goshen, Ct
I came up to pick up my brothers dog Buddy
They are going to Ibiza, Spain
I am going to be the dog sitter
When I came up here
Goshen is one of the highest elevations in the state of CT
I just sat up on the back deck a little metal rocking chair
As I breathed in the fresh air
And just felt the breezes as I look out unto the yard
With the green grass
And the meadow
Hearing the birds chirp
Wow, I feel like I am on vacation
Even though I am doing an errand

Done with This Thing

I must admit, I talk to my DNA.
We can change our DNA with our thoughts. Science has shown this.
It was once believed that our DNA was fixed at birth – period, unchangeable.
However, recently linguists have discovered that the “junk” part of our DNA, which comprises 90% of our DNA, is actually a language that programs the smaller 10% of our DNA. This smaller part codes the chemistry for our bodies – what was commonly thought of as normal DNA – the orders for building proteins.
It’s like one part programs the other part.

Our Cells Know When We Say Thank You

If the stars are out there in the daylight, and we don’t see them, what else don’t we see?

Perhaps we need the contrast, the foil, the opposite to see what is hidden.

It really is a gift to appreciate what we have, and not take it for granted. There is a saying, that some dream of what we see as everyday normal, common place. I’m not saying this is bad, or that we are decadent.

Rather, it’s the difference between seeing objects and seeing essence. Being thankful for a spoon is just as important as being thankful for a smartphone.

I See What I Need To See

I am always talking with God.
Sometimes I say, “Please show me what I need to see.”
I become a little more alert, and yet relaxed at the same time - .attentive and expectant. Perhaps there’s a symbol or message in the dirt on the side of the road. Once I saw what looked like writing in the sand. I know it was a message.
Perhaps there is a word or important number on a marker plate on a car nearby. In fact, I did this once, and within 45 seconds, a car drove by with the words “Spirit Speak” on its front marker plate.

Worry - What Will It Get Me?

Worry. Why worry?

Someone shared something about that and said, “If you ever sit in a rocking chair, you just rock. It kind of takes you nowhere. You just rock - just rocking.”

And worry is the same kind of thing. It kind of takes you nowhere. It’s just leaving you in a state of fear, or panic. It’s just not positive energy, more of a negative energy.

So if you are going to feel anything, then think about anything leaning towards hope, and faith, and possibility. And that things will work out. And that all will be okay.

Drive My car

I am driving to my next destination
As I am on this country road
Looking around
I am thinking wow isn’t it amazing
This car that just transports me
With these wheels that I can go
here and there
To and from
Often I wonder
Do we just forget the attitude of gratitude
Of being able to be so mobile
There are so many people who don’t have a car and need to walk everywhere
Although walking is a really good exercise
Just being able to move in an automobile
Is just really pretty much a gift

Team Praying

Wow, I just saw this team all kneeling down together
Of football players praying on a field
What a powerful sight to see that witness that wow
I‘d like to see more of that going on to many of the places I go to
Prayer is so powerful
It is just a pipe line, a communication, a resource just to tap into
For being grateful, for asking for help, for healing
It encompasses so many venues of your life
I guess this team I don’t know if they want to win the game
Or they are asking for a player, for guidance, or their coach, family

Take a Walk

Take a walk. Hmmm. Did I do that today? No, I’m doing it now.

You know, I choose to remember to take a walk every day.

Does it happen?

Usually, but sometimes I’ll just let it slide, or not feel like not do it.

And I find that when I do that, that I don’t feel as well. I don’t flow as well.

After all, we are made up of energy. When I walk, I am moving my energy around. I’m revitalizing my body. You know, it’s just a good thing for me to do.

So, I choose to remember that on my list should be me.

Afraid of an Outcome - Losing Your Home

A friend called me this morning, and was really upset about
something that was going on in his life,
something that he could not control the outcome,
as far as what was going to happen with this particular thing.

He thought he was losing his house. He was not paying his bills.
In fact, he had the money to pay his bills, but he just chose
to spend his money on something else.
This is a big thing for him, a scary thing for him about
where he is going to live, and what is going to happen.

Being Scared by Something You Can Not Control

My friend called the other day, and was very frustrated, and disappointed.
He was quite upset about something that was going on in his life,
something he could not control. It was something he actually brought into
his path by not taking actions that he should have taken,
on something that he knew he was supposed to take.

He ignored the situation and just went on to continue to move forward,
and then there were consequences to the decisions he chose to do.
And he didn’t like the outcome and had to wait to hear what the final outcome would be.

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